“Is your business  speeding through the fast lane or are you stuck in traffic?”

At LEVY CPA, our core mission is to create opportunities for tax minimization and deferral of income taxes. Our expertise in implementing tax motivated strategies presents businesses with an opportunity to retain its hard earned dollars for investment and expansion needs.

Whether you are looking for an exit strategy or find yourself in the infant years of your business cycle, we can provide the necessary guidance to help your business retain maximum cash flows while simultaneously minimizing the tax bite.

For many individuals, interacting with their external accountant is a once a year ritual that is both intrusive and has little perceived value. Our intention is to change this outmoded practice, and instead show you a better way.

By encouraging and facilitating an ongoing dialogue with our clients we become trusted business advisors making possible the presentation of unconventional money saving strategies for clients to implement as their needs dictate.

Our professional team is dedicated to our clients and is available to assist with all your accounting, financing and taxation issues. We value client satisfaction above everything else and after one meeting we are convinced that you will agree.

We look forward to  demonstrating how you can properly leverage your relationship with us, your Chartered Professional Accountants.